the "fashion designers" of branding
We are sure you would agree that brand culture is very important and extends far beyond the retro furniture and Friday happy hours. Brand culture is an extension of your brand’s promise that is created within the organization but is echoed amongst your audience. We assist emerging and established brands in developing authenticity, repositioning, and growth by providing vision consulting and branding services to make an impact in the marketplace.

Vision Consulting Services: 

Vision Analysis and Vision Casting 

Brand Identity & Development

Name Development, Brand Analysis & Assessment, Market Research, Logo Development, Visual Concepts & Design Packaging and Web Presence.



Brand Reinvention, Launch Strategies, Brand Management for Events and Conferences and Social Media Management.




We offer corporate training to enhance your brand from within your corporation.

Manage Your Vision and Maximize Your Brand: Effective Ways to Translate Your Vision to the Team:

  • Vision Analysis
  • Vision Casting
  • How to Effectively Relay the Vision to the Team
  • Internal Brand Building
  • How to Empower Your Brand by Motivating Your Employees

Day One: We come in and meet with Senior Staff/Leadership to conduct a vision analysis for the first half of the day. After gaining clarity on your vision we will then have a half day workshop on vision casting and communicating the vision to the team.

Day Two: The first half of the day we assess your brand and its culture. The second half of the day, we offer strategies and tools for internal brand building.

Day Three: Well, on this day we sum it all up and give you a final recommendation on how to translate your vision to your team and how to boost your overall brand structure.



We offer training to your employees/team members to increase work productivity and brand culture.

Be a Transformer: Creative Strategies to Move from Employee to Team Player

  • Identifying Personal Strengths & How they Contribute to the Growth of the Brand
  • Transform Information into Creativity that Produces Solutions and Results
  • Think/Idea Tanks
  • Creative Problem Solving Strategies

We would love to work with you on your next project!